Swiss E-Voting Workshop: State-of-the-Art E-Voting Systems

Event Date: 
Monday, September 6, 2010 - 17:00

Traditional paper-based voting at the polling station is perceived to be more secure and transparent than Internet voting. The security impression is linked to the fact that voting takes place in a controlled environment and that the whole procedure is transparent. Transparency is guaranteed by the fact that voters, or their representatives, can observe the vote casting process as well as the counting and reporting of votes. They can thus check the conformity of voting procedures with legal requirements. Internet voting systems currently used by cantons in Switzerland rely, in addition to their technical merits, on structural and organizational measures to make sure that they satisfy all legal requirements imposed on voting systems (including those on secrecy and transparency).

In recent years, new e-voting protocols have been investigated to make e-voting transparent to the voter, without compromising the other security requirements. Some of these e-voting protocols have been implemented. The focus of this Swiss E-Voting Workshop is on state-ofthe-art e-voting systems. We aim at bringing together representatives of administration, industry and academia to follow latest achievements in implementing security and transparency in e-voting systems.

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