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Election Auditing is an End-to-End Procedure Ted Selker 11/30/2008 Journal Article
Election Day 2006: Atlanta, GA Gallery
Election Day 2006: Salt Lake City, UT Gallery
Election Day Voter Registration in Iowa R. Michael Alvarez, Jonathan Nagler 11/30/2008 Report
Election Day Voter Registration in the United States: How One-Step Voting Can Change the Composition of the American Electorate R. Michael Alvarez, Caltech, Stephen Ansolabehere 11/30/2008 Working Paper
Election Day Went Smoothly But Trouble Spots Remain, Survey Shows News
Election Fraud Conference: Salt Lake City, September 29-30, 2006 Gallery
Election fraud fears: the cure Charles Stewart III 11/30/2008 Newspaper Article
Election Fraud References Sarah Hill 11/30/2008 Working Paper
Election Fraud: Detecting and Deterring Electoral Manipulation Thad E. Hall, R. Michael Alvarez, Susan Hyde 05/05/2008 Book