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Is It Better to be First or Last? The Ballot Order Effect Betsy Sinclair 06/30/2005 Working Paper
Voting Machines and the Underestimate of the Bush Vote Voting Technology Project 12/05/2004 Report
Where We Have Been, Where We Are Going: Project Update Voting Technology Project 01/01/2003 Report
Voting - What Is, What Could Be Voting Technology Project 07/01/2001 Report
The Effect of Voting Systems on Voter Participation Peg Rosenfield, Office of the Secretary of State of Ohio, Russell Schussler 01/01/1982 RPEAVT Paper
Prof. Charles Stewart on balance of power in Congress News
2009 Annual Meeting and Exhibition Event
NASS 2010 Summer Conference Event
NASS 2012 Winter Conference Event
VTP Updates February 2009 VTP Updates