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Title Author(s) Date Publishedsort ascending Type
Is It Better to be First or Last? The Ballot Order Effect Betsy Sinclair 06/30/2005 Working Paper
Voting Machines and the Underestimate of the Bush Vote Voting Technology Project 12/05/2004 Report
Where We Have Been, Where We Are Going: Project Update Voting Technology Project 01/01/2003 Report
Voting - What Is, What Could Be Voting Technology Project 07/01/2001 Report
The Effect of Voting Systems on Voter Participation Peg Rosenfield, Office of the Secretary of State of Ohio, Russell Schussler 01/01/1982 RPEAVT Paper
Prof. Thad Hall interview on "Voting on the Internet" in Estonia. News
Iowa Caucuses, 2008 Gallery
Voting Links Page
Questionnaire: Decision to Vote and Reasons for Not Voting Data
2010 APSA Annual Meeting and Exhibit Event