Qualitative Evaluation: "VotoElectronico: Prueba Piloto 2005, Ciudad De Buenos Aires"
Working Paper No.:  43
Date Published:  2008-11-30


R. Michael Alvarez, California Institute of Technology


The Buenos Aires “VotoElectronico” pilot project took place on October 23, 2005, in the City of Buenos Aires. It involved a pilot test of four different electronic voting systems, in at least 43 voting stations located throughout the City. The purpose of this report is to provide initial qualitative assessments of the pilot project. Quantitative analysis will hopefully be presented at a later date, once detailed data from the pilot project are available for examination.

The key recommendations for the current pilot project evaluation effort and for the possible future continuation of this pilot project, made in this report are:

  1. Much care is needed in analysis and study of the evaluation data.
  2. Determine the extent of usability problems.
  3. Take a careful look at the optical scanning system.
  4. Develop and implement procedures for physical security.
  5. Develop and implement procedures for pilot testing security.
  6. Continue pilot testing, but narrow down the number of options being tested.

Below, I discuss the pilot project in more detail, provide a detailed discussion of my observations, and provide more discussion of these six key recommendations.


Qualitative Evaluation: "VotoElectronico: Prueba Piloto 2005, Ciudad De Buenos Aires"  (Size: 52 KB)